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Creating a Traditional Beef Bourguignon With Red Wine

Beef Bourguignon pic

Beef Bourguignon

Based in Maumee, Ohio, Michael Sordyl is an investment advisor with The Ashley Group, providing business owners and individuals with pathways to wealth preservation and asset growth. Michael Sordyl cooks frequently at home, and enjoys pairing dishes with wine.

Cold-weather favorites that incorporate wine in the recipe include beef bourguignon, which traditionally involves a time-consuming process of marinating one of a number of braised cuts, from blade roast to chuck, overnight.

To start, the meat is cut into cubes or steaks approximately three-quarters of an inch thick. The red wine is simmered with aromatics for approximately 20 minutes and cooled. This essential step allows the evaporation of most alcohol and ensures that the meat flavor is central to the dish.

The beef is then braised and combined with the reduced wine and a mixture of sauteed shallots, garlic, mushrooms. If pressed for time, the lengthy marinade process may be skipped and the beef cooked half-immersed in the sauce in a casserole dish, with foil over the top, for three hours. A final step is to make a celeriac mash that includes rosemary, thyme, and olive oil, to be spooned over the beef before it is served.