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The Masters Champions Dinner Tradition

Masters Champions Dinner pic

Masters Champions Dinner
Image: thoughtco.com

Michael Sordyl joined The Ashley Group in a financial advising position in 2006. When he is not providing financial services, Michael Sordyl enjoys staying active by playing golf.

The Masters, a major golf tournament held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, is considered the most prestigious tournament in the sport, particularly for North American golfers. Established in 1934, the tournament is rich in history and tradition.

One of the event’s more recent and most unique rituals involves the previous year’s winner selecting the dinner menu for the Masters Champions Dinner. The dinner takes place the Tuesday night before the tournament begins. Only past winners are permitted to attend, with the previous year’s winner serving as the guest of honor.

Not only does the reigning champion select the dinner menu, he is also responsible for footing the bill. Popular selections from past dinners range from German golfer Bernhard Langer’s Wiener schnitzel in 1986 to 22-year-old Tiger Wood’s cheeseburgers, french fries, and milkshakes in 1998.


2016 Wine Gala Raises nearly $80,000 for Mobile Meals

Mobile Meals Wine Gala pic

Mobile Meals Wine Gala
Image: mobilemeals.org

Based in Ohio, Michael Sordyl is an experienced financial advisor who works with clients through the Ashley Group. An active member of his community, Michael Sordyl has served as co-chair of the Mobile Meals Wine Gala on three occasions.

To raise funds for its meal assistance services, Mobile Meals hosts an annual Wine Gala that brings together wine aficionados for an evening of luxurious dining and auctions. On November 5, 2016, attendees celebrated the gala’s 29th anniversary at Parkway Place in Maumee, Ohio.

In preparation for the gala, the event committee obtained some of the finest bottles of wine from local cellars, distributors, and donors. Altogether, this collection gave rise to 34 different auction lots that featured such wine varieties as Stellar Cellar and Chateau Mouton Rothschild. The gala’s 300 guests had the opportunity to bid on each lot in between wine tastings from nearly a dozen distributors. During the silent auction, attendees had the unique opportunity to dine on appetizers that local culinary students, chefs, and meal services prepared.

Mobile Meals received proceeds from both ticket sales and the night’s auctions. By the end of the night, the organization raised $78,000 to benefit its work with elders and others who are homebound and in need of regular meals.

NAIFA and ACLI Challenge Labor Department’s Fiduciary Regulation


Image: NAIFA.org

The recipient of a physics degree from the University of Michigan, Michael Sordyl has since entered the financial industry. He currently serves as a financial advisor for the Ashley Group in Ohio. Michael Sordyl is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

Founded in 1890, NAIFA stands as the largest association of its kind in the country. It represents various professionals in the field, including financial advisors, insurance agents, and multiline agents. NAIFA performs several functions, including advocating for a positive legislative environment, enhancing members’ skills, and enforcing ethical standards.

As a part of its advocacy efforts, NAIFA teams up with other agencies to challenge regulations that undermine the welfare of members’ clients. In June of 2016, NAIFA partnered with the American Council of Life Insurers to file a lawsuit that challenged the U.S. Labor Department’s fiduciary regulation. In a statement, both organizations criticized the regulation for being unreasonable and unbalanced, as it will limit Americans’ access to information about available financial products as well as the availability of lifetime income products.

To learn more about the joint litigation effort, visit NAIFA.org.

Creating a Traditional Beef Bourguignon With Red Wine

Beef Bourguignon pic

Beef Bourguignon
Image: allrecipes.com

Based in Maumee, Ohio, Michael Sordyl is an investment advisor with The Ashley Group, providing business owners and individuals with pathways to wealth preservation and asset growth. Michael Sordyl cooks frequently at home, and enjoys pairing dishes with wine.

Cold-weather favorites that incorporate wine in the recipe include beef bourguignon, which traditionally involves a time-consuming process of marinating one of a number of braised cuts, from blade roast to chuck, overnight.

To start, the meat is cut into cubes or steaks approximately three-quarters of an inch thick. The red wine is simmered with aromatics for approximately 20 minutes and cooled. This essential step allows the evaporation of most alcohol and ensures that the meat flavor is central to the dish.

The beef is then braised and combined with the reduced wine and a mixture of sauteed shallots, garlic, mushrooms. If pressed for time, the lengthy marinade process may be skipped and the beef cooked half-immersed in the sauce in a casserole dish, with foil over the top, for three hours. A final step is to make a celeriac mash that includes rosemary, thyme, and olive oil, to be spooned over the beef before it is served.

The Panama Canal – an Historic Commercial Transportation Link


Panama Canal pic

Panama Canal
Image: history.com

Based in Maumee, Ohio, Michael Sordyl maintains a career as a financial advisor and has a community presence that includes a position as co-chair of the Flower Hospital Auxiliary-focused Mobile Meals Wine Gala. Michael Sordyl has traveled extensively throughout North America, to destinations that range from Alaska to the Panama Canal.

Rich in history and commercially vital, the canal that provides a shipping link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. Early attempts by the United States to build the canal at the turn of the century were rebuffed. Commercial interests ultimately prevailed over politics, however, and the canal project went ahead on land that was originally part of Colombia.

When finally completed, a “Panamax” standard came to the fore in shipping. This defined the maximum size a ship could be and still pass under the canal’s bridges and through its lock chambers of specific lengths, widths, and depths. While there are two shipping lanes along most of the Canal, the narrow Culebra Cut makes two-way traffic impossible, such that ship traffic passes in only one direction for 12 hours each day. The ongoing Canal expansion project is set to eliminate this limitation, with a new, significantly larger Panamax coming into being.

Tourists visiting the Panama Canal are able make the entire canal crossing, which takes up to eight hours. Visitors can also explore the Miraflores Locks Museum, as well as its uniquely situated restaurant that allows patrons to observe ships passing in the canal below as they dine.